Hologenetic Profile Reading

This is the first step in becoming familiar with the Gene Keys transmission.

You will learn what a Hologenetic Profile is and what are the specific codes in your DNA based on your date of birth.

You will come face to face with your genius, the gifts and graces you came with to give to this world and feel fulfilled.

We will explore what your highest purpose is physically – health and work (Activation Sequence), emotionally – soul relationships and healing (Venus Sequence) and mentally – conscious service and prosperity (Pearl Sequence).

For me it was an extraordinary experience that I had never experienced before! I had the sensation and feeling of the profound discovery of the true ME, of my purest essence! I was just soaking up the words and somehow wanting to instantly absorb absolutely everything I was hearing. I couldn’t get enough. I was so curious that I couldn’t sit still! It was an experience that helped me tremendously!
I understood myself on a much deeper level. I understood why I was acting or not acting in certain ways and situations. I understood where I need to change and what to work on with myself further on, what is my true mission and Path.

~ Ophelia

Gene Keys | Golden Path | The Activation Sequence

~ Ignite the light from within you ~

I invite you to an introduction to the Gene Keys – what they are, how to approach and integrate them – and to explore the Activation Sequence, the first of the 3 sequences of your DNA map.

Have you wondered why health problems occur? Why do tensions arise at work? Why, perhaps, your purpose is not clear to you?

Gene Keys | Golden Path | The Venus Sequence

~ Emanate the light of your heart ~

Now that you already accepted the challenge revealed in the Activation Sequence, embraced your higher purpose, and opened yourself to go even deeper, I invite you to the School of Love streamed by the Venus Sequence.

Gene Keys | Golden Path | The Pearl Sequence

~ Free the prosperity from within you ~

If the questions „How can I really serve this world?” „How can I best be of service?” „What does my true Service that I have to bring to the world look like to be fulfilled?”, then Welcome to these one-on-one guided sessions!

The 7 Healing Sacred Seals

„At the mystical heart of the Gene Keys are a series of teachings that form the basis of a new School of Mysteries. Called Corpus Christi, they propagate into the living matrix of the Gene Keys, bringing into form sacred knowledge directly from the higher realms. This is a journey beyond the boundaries between which most people live their lives. It is a passage into the world of illumination, into the texture of light that merges time and space, and which, one day, will lead us into that limitless world we call the Divine.” ~Richard Rudd

I invite you to receive the high frequencies of the 7 Sacred Seals into your life and feel how they reconnect you with who you really are.

If you are here and reading these lines, you are already prepared.

„My experience with the Seven Sacred Seals and Claudia’s sustained guidance in this realm was like a portal to my essence being. It has been a mystical experience, sometimes beyond words; one can only feel it in the cells of the body, a healing from the depths, an openness to the Divine and to Life, a true Communion. I say this because this sacred space keeps supporting me and brings me to my center whenever I invoke it.” 
~ Oana Jugaru

Relationships ~ Compatibility

The Gene Keys transmission brings a lot of wisdom, helping partners to observe themselves and the other with lucidity, to increase their empathy, to mature emotionally.

You will be guided and inspired to know at a deeper level: relational patterns, elements of friendship and compatibility in the relationship, complementarities and elements of learning from the environment and from others.

Holistic Coaching | Mentoring

~ Take A Pause ~

  • Are you at that point in your life where you want to put everything aside and take a break?
  • Do you feel that you need to be listened to on a specific topic that has been bothering you for a while?
  • Are you unhappy with the resources you bring and can offer to your family?
  • Do you have difficult conversations with your conscience about how much your current job (still) represents you, how much you love what you do, how much clarity you have regarding about your true vocation?
  • Are you about to make a major change – change of job, home, country, relationship, and you don’t know where and how to start?

If you answered YES to even just one of these questions, I am gently inviting you to take a valuable pause together.

„Gene Keys appeared on my path some months ago and since then I can truly say that it has made a great difference in my life and in the way I manage my self-development journey, my inner connection and my confidence, and I am so grateful. Thank you very much, Claudia. Thank you for your patience and kindness in guiding me step by step. It was for sure love at first sight with Gene Keys; however it took me time, perseverance, time with me to acknowledge good and bad emotions, curiosity and patience to really get the message behind, to really get the deepest messages from the Keys and it was worth every minute. 
I discovered new perspectives to look at myself and my way of reacting. I went back in time to sensitive times in my childhood and adolescence, and I succeeded in obtaining priceless self-awareness moments. All my emotional struggles so far have made much more sense. After a few months of working with Gene Keys to open my heart, I am now in a place of joy, peace and deep connection with myself, which is priceless. And the journey goes on.” 
~ Anca Știrbu

Annual subscription

You will benefit from working consciously on the path of reconnecting with your Self in a constant and sustained way for a period of 1 year. 

At each meeting, you can choose from the palette of individual services, depending on your need at the moment.

„The sessions with Claudia over the last year had a profound impact on me. During these meetings, I had the opportunity to discover myself and to better understand how I function and various aspects of my life.
Claudia provided me with the tools to better manage the challenges I face in my daily life. Through our conversations and her careful guidance, I learned to better explore and understand my thoughts, emotions, and reactions to various situations. This helped me develop self-reflection and stress management skills.
Another valuable aspect of these sessions was that I learned to create from an energy that was healthier and more in tune with myself. Together with her, I managed to better understand what I want and to completely change my professional landscape. She encouraged me to explore different techniques, which helped me become more aware of my own body and mind. These have allowed me to improve my energy levels and feel more in balance with myself.
~ Alex Munteanu