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Gene Keys Guide & Ambassador

“At the mystical heart of the Gene Keys are a series of teachings that form the basis of a new School of Mysteries. Called Corpus Christi, they propagate into the living matrix of the Gene Keys, bringing into form sacred knowledge directly from the higher realms. This is a journey beyond the boundaries between which most people live their lives. It is a passage into the world of illumination, into the texture of light that merges time and space and that, one day, will lead us into that limitless world we call the Divine.

Listening and learning from the Gene Keys transmission, from time to time a special ray comes to Earth and Corpus Christi announces the moment of a new revelation. The 7 Sacred Seals are one such revelation. They are, in fact, more than just an event; they are an initiation, in the deepest sense of the word. Once they begin to work in the world, an enormous change will begin to take place. You can also look at it from another perspective: that the Seals are coming because we are finally ready for them and because we deserve them.” ~Richard Rudd


I invite you to receive the high frequencies of the 7 Sacred Seals into your life and feel how they reconnect you with who you really are.

If you are here and reading these lines, you are already prepared.



  • 7 individual monthly sessions of 60 minutes each
  • 1 final (the 8th) integration session of 60 minutes, bonus
  • Unlimited access to source materials The 7 Healing Sacred Seals by Richard Rudd—individual study material for each seal, including subsequent updates
  • Session package duration: 7 months, respectively 8 months with the bonus session


I look forward to working with you!


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