Gene Keys Mother Language Hub – What is it, how does it work and what does it offer?



  • It is a Center for information, orientation, guidance, learning and initiation, and training for those who are starting, respectively for those who deepen their work with the Gene Keys – for themselves and for other people.
  • This is the place through where to pick up the official Gene Keys materials for translation and distribution to the community in Romania. The titles are published by a single national publisher, with whom there is a continuous partnership.
  • It is a synarchic organisation promoting collaboration and community building in Romania and globally.



  • Through the work of experienced and dedicated Gene Keys ambassadors and guides, supported by talented and passionate collaborators and volunteers 
  • Through representation in the global working group MLM – Multilingual Matters, which brings together translators and editors, as well as ambassadors and guides who establish and build local Gene Keys Hubs in their mother tongue 
  • With a dedicated team of translators who are passionate about the Gene Keys, who offer their availability, knowledge and skills to preserve the purity of the transmission and bring it close to as many Romanians in the country and the world as possible
  • Through inspiring and effective collaboration with the unique national publisher (editor) and with the ambassadors and guides of the Romanian Gene Keys Community



  • Information, guidance and assistance
  • Individual sessions, workshops, group programs and events – local and global – open and/or service offering based
  • Translation of Books, Courses and Free Resources (articles, interviews, audio-video materials) and their distribution through the website and YouTube channel of the HarRa Center Hub and through the website and YouTube channel Gene Keys Romania, as well as through the platforms and channels communications of each ambassador and guide. The publication of the titles (books and courses) is carried out by the single national publisher, and their distribution and the free resources are done through the Gene Keys Romania website and the Romanian ambassadors and guides
  • Facilitation of global programs by Richard Rudd, founder and transmitter of the Gene Keys
  • Promotion of the Gene Keys through website, newsletter, the Gene Keys Weekly Pulse, social media channels
  • Selling Gene Keys books and products