Ignite The Light Within You ~ Activation Sequence

The program is dedicated to those who want to be initiated into working with the Gene Keys and emphasizes the Activation Sequence, the first of the 3 sequences that make up the Golden Path, the one with which this inner pilgrimage to the Self opens. It addresses the 4 spheres – Life’s Work (your relationship with your outer work), Evolution (your relationship with your inner work), Radiance (your relationship with your physical body and health), and Life’s Purpose (your purpose), as well as the paths that connect them and they make them work together in our DNA – the Path of Challenge, the Path of Revelation and the Path of Central Stability.

At the first meeting with the Gene Keys I was amazed how all the shadows in the profile defined me. Now, at the end of the activation sequence. I observe that the Gene Keys helped me to know my gifts that I manifest and to find my purpose, to bring my contribution to this world, through love and beauty. It is a transformative process that will continue throughout my life.

~ Mirela, March – June 2022

Ignite The Light Within Your Relationships ~ Venus Sequence

This is the next level of depth in working consciously with the transmission of the Gene Keys.

You’ll be in contact with an expanded perspective of your original matrix, looking at your genetic codes by transcending the Hologenetic Profile, bringing in elements of Human Design, Astrology, Mythology, Dream Arc (shamanic power animals and crystals) and Sacred Healing Seals (Mystery School).

Each meeting brought me depth into my existence and the necessary space to be able to live, understand and integrate the experience of love in all its manifested forms. The course of the Venus sequence was revelatory, like a natural flow of life to me and in me, with joyful encounters where I felt the meaning of “togetherness” in forms full of understanding, presence and love.

~ Dorina, September 2020 – May 2021

Ignite The Light Within Your Service ~ Pearl Sequence

If you have had your Hologenetic Profile reading and resonated with this tool, this is the next step for you to explore and integrate the transmission of the Gene Keys into your being.

The value of this tool is that you learn very deep things about yourself that simply elevate you in your own eyes. It’s an empowering tool, inspiring you to connect with your gifts and offer to the world your highest Service.

I am deeply grateful to Claudia, my mother and every person in our group for opening up, accepting and containing all the more or less pleasant moments. The Pearl sequence returns you to the simplicity and essence of the work you came to manifest in the service of those around you. You realize how small you are in this world, and that humbles you, and at the same time you realize how important it is to show your service anywhere, anytime, to be the right person at the right time. Without forcing or proving something to someone, without considering it your duty to do either. To feel that you are the right person in the right place, regardless of the dual reality, is the most important gift I received.

~ Ynes, September 2021 – April 2022

Maternity As A Path To Awakening

The Gene Keys transmission brings a lot of wisdom, helping partners to observe themselves and the other with lucidity, to increase their empathy, to mature emotionally.

You will be guided and inspired to know at a deeper level: relational patterns, elements of friendship and compatibility in the relationship, complementarities and elements of learning from the environment and from others.

It’s about conscious motherhood, no matter what stage we’re at. The program covers all stages of motherhood very well, the strength of the group is extraordinary. I had the opportunity to see motherhood in many forms with the help of the dear women I met and shared experiences with. The guide of the program, Claudia, is extraordinary; she brought her knowledge and personal experience making this trip an adventure towards the archetype of the mother.

~ Raluca, November 2021 – April 2022