Claudia Anghel

Personal and organizational coach | Gene Keys Guide

  • 9 years of global experience with Gene Keys, + 500 clients
  • 15 years of organizational experience in Human Resources

When you are ready to look deeper into yourself, the Gene Keys transmission comes to you.

Are you ready to light up the spark within and unlock the higher purpose in your DNA? 


If you are reading these words, it means your time has come to begin looking at yourself differently, so don’t think about it too much.


You can use this session to:

  • Learn which of your DNA codes were activated by the positions of the planets at significant times, such as your birth, womb life (3rd trimester), and conception 
  • Find out your higher purpose physically – work and health (Activation Sequence), emotionally – love and healing (Venus Sequence) and mentally – vocation and prosperity (Pearl Sequence) 
  • Discover which is your uniqueness revealed by the combination of your gene keys and how to unravel your genius that is deeply buried in your DNA, waiting for you to untangle it and bring it out into the world


You can generate your hologenetic profile here, or I will generate for you.

Click here if you want to learn more about the Gene Keys transmission.


I will gently guide you during the session. All you need to do is be present and open to receive the transmission.

I look forward to exploring the Gene Keys together. ~ Claudia

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Price : €250 (90 minutes session)

* Bring another participant, and get a 5% discount.

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From previous participants experience:

For me it was an extraordinary experience that I had never experienced before! I had the sensation and feeling of the profound discovery of the true ME, of my purest essence! I was just soaking up the words and somehow wanting to instantly absorb absolutely everything I was hearing. I couldn’t get enough. I was so curious that I couldn’t sit still! It was an experience that helped me tremendously!
I understood myself on a much deeper level. I understood why I was acting or not acting in certain ways and situations. I understood where I need to change and what to work on with myself further on, what is my true mission and Path.

~ Ophelia ~