Claudia Anghel

Personal and organizational coach | Gene Keys Guide

  • 9 years of global experience with Gene Keys, + 500 clients
  • 15 years of organizational experience in Human Resources


  • Are you in that moment in your life when you feel that you deserve to prioritize yourself and invest in yourself?
  • Do you feel that you need a sustained and steady guidance?
  • Do you want to have the choice to pick any of the individual session options offered?

If you answered YES to these questions, I gently invite you to work together twice a month, in individual sessions of 1 hour each (online or physically), for a period of 1 year, on those topics that are now important in your life and that lead you to a deeper Self-knowledge.

You are invited to choose, at each meeting, from the individual services palette, depending on your current needs:

The subscription is valid for 1 year from the date of payment, without the holiday periods, during which the pause is welcomed. It includes a set of 24 individual sessions, and in exceptional situations where you cannot honor the 2 meetings per month, it can be extended by mutual agreement.

I look forward to working together! ~ Claudia

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Full payment upon purchase of the subscription for a set of 24 bi-monthly sessions 

 *You can book multiple sessions in advance or the entire set of sessions by exploring the entire calendar. I recommend that you book a favorite day and time to make your reservations in advance throughout the subscription period.

24 sessions x 60 min (validity – 12/13 months) – 3500€


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Reschedule / cancel at least 24 hours before 

From previous participants experience:

The sessions with Claudia over the last year had a profound impact on me. During these meetings, I had the opportunity to discover myself and to better understand how I function and various aspects of my life.
Claudia provided me with the tools to better manage the challenges I face in my daily life. Through our conversations and her careful guidance, I learned to better explore and understand my thoughts, emotions, and reactions to various situations. This helped me develop self-reflection and stress management skills.
Another valuable aspect of these sessions was that I learned to create from an energy that was healthier and more in tune with myself. Together with her, I managed to better understand what I want and to completely change my professional landscape. She encouraged me to explore different techniques, which helped me become more aware of my own body and mind. These have allowed me to improve my energy levels and feel more in balance with myself. ~ Alex Munteanu