How to start your journey with the Gene Keys?


In the introduction to the Gene Keys you will learn about your Hologenetic Profile. You can generate yours for free here, it is available in multiple languages. The profile is calculated based on the time, date and place of birth.

Once you have your Hologenetic Profile, the journey of contemplation truly begins, as this Profile shows you certain Gene Keys that have a powerful influence on your purpose, relationships, and prosperity.

A necessary resource for your journey is the Gene Keys Book, where you will find detailed descriptions of the 64 genetic codes from the spectrum of human consciousness.

Also, a brilliant resource along the way is Richard Rudd’s audio contemplations on each of the 64 genetic codes, which you can purchase here The 64 Ways (Audio Collection course).

You can also go through the online courses in English, starting with the Golden Path, with Richard Rudd, Tanmayo Lawson, Elijah Parker and the global team of Gene Keys Ambassadors. More details can be found here.

There are tons of free online Gene Keys resources that you can access here.

If you want to start your journey through the HarRa Center with an individual session, with Claudia Anghel – Personal & Organizational Guide and a Gene Keys Ambassador & Guide from Romania -, then you can opt for a Hologenetic Profile Reading. Also, if you want to continue with in-depth work on an individual level, you can opt for a Series of Coaching sessions with the Gene Keys or even for an Annual Subscription of individual sessions.

How you can continue your journey with the Gene Keys through the HarRa Center

Your Hologenetic Profile invites you on a deeply personal journey through the Gene Keys. Certain sequences of keys with which you were imprinted at birth unlock the gates of awakening within you. As you contemplate them and apply their teachings to your daily life, you will feel a new spirit coming to life within you.


To give meaning to this inner pathway, the genetic codes were grouped into three sequences:

  • The Activation Sequence – Discovering your personal genius through the four Primary Gifts
  • The Venus Sequence – Opening your heart through relationships
  • The Pearl Sequence – Achieving Prosperity Through Service (*for the benefit of others)


“Viewed as a single integrated journey, these sequences are collectively called the Golden Path. By walking your own Golden Path of contemplating the sequences and their related Gene Keys, considering them and applying them in the context of your life, you will find that you are walking the path of a very powerful transformation”.

~ excerpt from “The Gene Keys – Unlock the higher purpose hidden in your DNA” by Richard Rudd


If you want to unravel your Golden Path through the online programs with Richard Rudd, Tanmayo Lawson, Elijah Parker and the global team of Gene Keys Ambassadors, then go to:


If you want to take the Golden Path following the programs held by Claudia Anghel through the HarRa Center, then go to: