~ with Claudia Anghel ~

Personal & Organizational Guide

Gene Keys Guide & Ambassador

Masterfully channeled by Richard Rudd, this transformational path miraculously integrates a multitude of perspectives that invite us to reach and manifest in our daily lives a much higher potential than we usually know or see. This potential is already embeded in our DNA and, at the right time, can be discovered and activated.

Should you have already benefited of the hologenetic profile reading which resonated deeply within you we may explore together deeper in a creative and free way. How could you explore and integrate the transmission other that through the Golden Path? You may need and wish to dive deep into a recurrent theme that calls you now.

HarRa Center offers and recommends several ways you can advance on the Golden Path:

  • In-depth work through individual sessions – set of 5 or 10 sessions, following each sequence and each sphere or exploring a topic of your life that concerns you
  • In-depth work through group sessions – see HarRa Programs
  • Work through globally offered programs – you can explore more here
  • Individual work, supported and inspired by HarRa Resources – you can explore more here


Why coaching with the Gene Keys? It is a tool of empowerment, which inspires you to connect with your gifts and offer your highest service to the world. It is valuable because first of all it brings you profound information about yourself, and it simply lifts you up in your own eyes.


What are the essential qualities that support you in this process?

  • Full sincerity with yourself
  • Courage to let yourself be seen, to be vulnerable, and to find out about things that sometimes confuse you
  • Perseverance and Commitment to make the changes you need to make at individual level and to support them collectively


If these qualities are not yet manifested, the transmission will unlock them and support you, as long as you are willing to open up.


We will work together and I will guide you with gentleness, all you need to do is open up to unlimited possibilities!

5-sessions set of 1 hour each –  (valid for 2,5 months from the date of purchase of the package) – €750

10-sessions set of 1 hour each –  (valid for 5 months from the date of purchase of the package) – €1350


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You may reserve the session here  and contact me for purchase by email at [email protected]