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  • 9 years of global experience with Gene Keys, + 500 clients
  • 15 years of organizational experience in Human Resources

Since you have accepted the challenge revealed in the Activation Sequence, embraced your higher purpose, and opened your being to go even deeper within yourself, I now invite you to the School of Love streamed by the Venus Sequence.

Now that you take heart to look honestly into the inner world of emotions and find out why your relationships are sometimes a mystery and why they seem so challenging at times, I will facilitate for you:

  • Guidance and companionship with gentleness, presence and deep patience
  • Understanding the new perspective the Venus transmission brings on your relationships
  • Opening of new questions to help you consciously bring out the best in you


“The whole sequence is wrapped up, effectively, both in the sphere of Purpose,

as well as in the Vocation / Nucleus Sphere.

Thus, this sequence flow flows both ways,

making us live the two processes intertwined – evolution and involution.”

~Richard Rudd

We will therefore work both with the practical approach – unfolding from Purpose to Vocation, and with the mystical approach – unfolding from the cosmic womb into the mother’s womb and then into this world (from Vocation to Purpose).


Taking this journey in a group offers you:

  • The chance to know other Gene Keys voyagers who are in the same ‘moment’ as you in their seeking process
  • The opportunity to be listened unconditionally in the sharing sessions, by people with alike needs and stories
  • The support and inspiration from the group, in its collective aura, for your individual alchemical process



From previous participants experience:

Going through the program harmonized in me aspects related to self-confidence, emotional balance, the different responses to situations other times perceived as catastrophic.

~ I.C.H. – participant May 2021 – March 2022

I gained openness in areas such as awareness over my own resources, harmony in the relationship with my daughter, and acceptance in the relationship with my mother.

~ M. G. – participant May 2021 – March 2022

It was a real reassembling of the puzzle of life, aspects of me forgotten or abandoned came back to life uniting in a wholesome way with the others and bringing a clear perception over my existence. All in all, a gentle caress, and the support of the group that later became my soul family made me flourish even more.

~ M. B. – participant May 2021 – March 2022

For me, the Venus Sequence experience is a collection of strong essences gathered in small containers.

~ C.R. – participant May 2021 – March 2022

A wonderful course with answers to who I am and not who I thought I was. A course that develops your communication skills in relationships, as well as reminds you of the experiences of childhood and adulthood. It makes you trust yourself, ask for forgiveness and care more about yourself. It makes me love myself more and love more in general everything that surrounds me and I feel my heart jump for joy thanks to the experience gained from this course.

~ M.A. – participant May 2021 – March 2022




  • Bi-monthly masterclasses, 8 sessions of 120 minutes each
  • Q&A sessions, 3 of 60 minutes each
  • Unlimited access to Richard Rudd’s Golden Path source materials – individual study material for each sphere, meditations, Activation Sequence book, including subsequent updates
  • Duration: 4 months



Write an e-mail to [email protected] and express your desire to participate in the program. Details will follow.


I look forward to exploring the Gene Keys together. ~ Claudia

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Price: €3500

* Full payment upon purchase