Claudia Anghel

Personal and organizational coach | Gene Keys Guide

  • 9 years of global experience with Gene Keys, + 500 clients
  • 15 years of organizational experience in Human Resources

“A man must have spiritual vision in order to perceive and comprehend the spiritual light of illumination. Then a magnificent world will be opened to him, a world in which illumination reigns. This illumination is both intelligent and alive, and all the great mystics who kindle it within themselves are able to see a boundless world, pulsating with the softest, most delicate and beautiful colors which fill their souls with streams of life.” ~ Beinsa Douno 


“In order to truly come to know what life is, you will have to come to a profound understanding of light. Light as we understand it in the physical world is only the tip of the iceberg of this great subject. There is outer light, which we can measure as vibrations of photons that appear to travel at a very high but limited speed. Then there is inner light, which cannot be measured and is limitless. But what is this inner light? The mystics, masters and saints have spoken of it for millennia. Is it simply a metaphor for something that cannot be put into words? It is the light of Illumination – a state or stage of consciousness in which one becomes aware of faculties beyond the outer five senses. How then can we enter this other world beyond our senses?

Having worked with the Gene Keys Golden Path will help you greatly. The Golden Path is designed to pull out each weed – emotional, mental and physical, that prevents you from living a peaceful and contemplative life. The journey into the Seven Sacred Seals is a journey beyond the frontiers where most people spend their lives. It is a passage into the world of Illumination, into the fabric of light that stitches both time and space together, and that will lead us one day into immensity, into that limitless world that we call the Divine. 

Perhaps you can see that the path of opening the Seven Sacred Seals requires considerable inner discipline. It presupposes that you have already prepared the inner soil for such a quickening of consciousness. The good news is that most of these conditions are internal conditions that you can bring to fruition in your everyday life with some small adjustments. So the advice for anyone who wishes to work with the Seven Sacred Seals is to do some inner spring cleaning before you begin.  

Take a good look at your life and simplify anything that adds more stress. Before you sow new seeds you must prepare the soil. You must clear away the weeds and add a rich fertilizer. The richer the soil, the more abundant your inner garden will become.” ~ Richard Rudd


To step further into this world, you need to be prepared. So this programme is a space for inspiration and support for this preparation. It is a space where you will meet each of the seven rays that lay behind each sacred seal, with their miraculous qualities and frequencies.

To do this, an intimate space is needed. The Seven Rays is meant to be such a space. You are called to be part of a group of seven radiant souls over the course of 7 months in order to meet, feel, and merge with each one of the seven rays in a guided way, with tenderness, contemplation, inquiry, and patience. The eighth month and meeting will be for the experience of integration, offered as a bonus.


Who can register? Any traveler with the Gene Keys who has done his/her Golden Path, whether guided or through self-work.


When? Monthly, on a Monday, at 6 p.m. CET, for 90 minutes. A full lunar cycle is left for resonance and integration of each ray and corresponding seal.


Where? On Zoom, click on the access link you will receive once you are registered.


How many gatherings? There are seven gatherings, each for one ray with its corresponding sacred seal. Such a high vibration journey calls for an eighth gathering for synthesis and celebration as a bonus session.


When does it start? As soon as the group of seven participants is complete. An email will be sent to you with the invitation to the first gathering a minimum of one week prior, so you will be able to organize your time. 


What is the cost?  The programme cost is 777€. It includes all course materials, the recordings, and the access coupon to the Seven Sacred Seals Programme on, honoring the source of this sacred wisdom. If you already have the access coupon from previous explorations, then the programme cost is 625€.

* Bring another participant, and get a 10% discount.


Where can I register? Click and fill out the Registration Form and make the payment. 


I am grateful and honored to guide you through a truly unique experience. ~ Claudia

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