The program components:


3 individual sessions of 1.5 hours each, at the pace you chose (e.g. every 2-3 weeks) through which you just let your personal story to come to the surface, inspired by your profile, Star Pearl included. We have started to see together which is your dearest Service To Spirit dream and how you can manifest it in a sustainable way by bringing Gene Keys products into the world.


2 group sessions of 2 hours, in groups of 3 (triads), on common topics that you chose and you would like me to offer you as a teaching and experience sharing. Could also be like questions and answers sessions with a strong practical component. These sessions will also have a sharing component from your individual processes since you started the program.

1 group session of 2 hours with the whole group – the 3 triads – as a final preparation for the Go Live. I will chose the topic for this session, will announce it in due time and you will bring your questions.


The program would end with a project that is going to be your Go Live e.g. a GKs product – workshop, study group, retreat, profile readings, any other GK product you may chose –  or even the official opening of a company / GKs Hub, Center.

1 individual session of 1 hour for the fine tuning of your Go Live.


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Pentru alte clarificări necesare, trimite e-mail la adresa [email protected] sau: 

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