Contemplation by Claudia Anghel

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I have deep gratitude to my parents for bringing me into this world in times like these: (r)evolutionary ones, of unprecedented change, of mutation, and of conscious leap. Any field I look at—environmental, economical, political, social, religious, scientific, technological – to name just a few – the world is preparing for a major change.


We live in times of mutation in the human body and in all living systems, as well as in the body of planet Earth, our wonderful host. Yes, such times are unstable, with chaos and a deep fear of a wide spectrum at a collective, global level. Yet, why are we here now? How can we support this great change? How do we look at and navigate our ordinary life in unusual times?


A perspective that I opened in the first article of the ‘New Human’ series is: from the center. I now feel called to bring this exploration deeper, inspired by source materials written by Richard Rudd – The Great Change and Karl Dürckheim – Hara, the vital center of the human, as well as the group contemplations hosted in the global Gene Keys community on Clubhouse – Gene Keys & the Solar Plexus room, to which I invite you with love. You can access here.


A great challenge and lesson is reaching this center, and cultivating a relationship with this place within us. The human DNA, this light-pulsating substance, shows us that the center can be found in every molecule. These converters of light, that are the molecules of our DNA, invite us to overcome the linear ‘black and white’ thinking with which we are so comfortable, and open our inner perspective to the holistic, multicolored, multidimensional approach.


Viewed through this lens, “the human DNA is a portal, a space-time wormhole, through which dormant codes are activated. The 64 codes in the human consciousness spectrum serve to illuminate the inner path to our Divine Self. This is the great quantum leap that brings us, on the evolutionary curve, from the previous leap – from the animal instinct of survival into the intellect (Homo Sapiens) – to the current leap from the intellect into the new consciousness rooted in the Solar Plexus (Homo Sanctus)”, Richard Rudd.


Paradoxically, the evolution of a human is not only rising to higher planes, but also descending deeper into matter, it is the growth of consciousness into form, the increase of our presence, the frequency at which we vibrate in the body, and the manner in which we inhabit ourselves. The awakening of our presence in the Solar Plexus and the leap we are now initiated to means the return to unity, the transition from the consciousness of the I to Us – the unity of all life forms.


As we re-match to the vital organic rhythm, we reconcile with ourselves, remember who we are, transcend victimization, and reconnect with qualities that we’ve had within us since long time ago, and to which we’ve no longer had access. Although difficult, this is the easiest way, to be part of the great change—to let it happen through us, for it is for us as New Humans.


The Great Reminder, that we already have the codes within us since before the Great Fall and that we once had a fully activated Solar Plexus system, is causing unprecedented change in our emotional chemistry. The new brain will be relocated from the skull to the Solar Plexus and will manifest through the emotional system.


We will get ‘to know’ from there what the consciousness of communion means, the mutation will unlock the highest organizing principles of collective life in our DNA, that of ‘we are all one’. We now have the chance to come out of the great separation that has taken place with the human species, namely separation from Nature, since we could no longer biologically access Unity, and that has overwhelmed us with fear of self-destruction as a species. This perception has separated us from the Truth, from the original matrix. Now we have the chance to go back Home.


What is the Solar Plexus—physiology and location?

The human nervous system has two parts – Central and Peripheral. The peripheral system includes several systems, including the sympathetic nervous system. The Solar Plexus is part of the sympathetic nervous system and is a mass of nerves radiating from the center of the trunk.


Its branches cross the entire abdomen, forming a network (plexus means network), ensuring interconnection with all organs in the abdominal cavity. That is why, when we refer to the Solar Plexus, we refer to the entire womb, the whole abdomen. If the solar plexus is damaged, the man can go into shock, no longer breathe, and no longer function until the nerves are restored.


Enclosed organs are: the esophagus, stomach, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, liver, gallbladder, and small intestine. The nervous system in the Solar Plexus is autonomous – the anterior vagus nerve, gastric branch and posterior vagus nerve, esophageal branch.


Its name comes from the very geometry formed by these nerve rays that meet in the Center, like an inner Sun. The center of the Solar Plexus is located below the diaphragm, behind the stomach, in front of the aorta (the largest blood vessel in the body), at the same level as the muscle between the lungs.


The Solar Plexus – spiritual significance

‘The highest goal of the human is to attain, in his own way, the vast consciousness in form, in the body, with full awareness and in full freedom. The inner Hara center is the place where this meeting is happening, and it invites us to cultivate the relationship with it through various everyday practices’ – Karl Dürckheim.


Hara Center is the indispensable pivot for everything that happens to us, it is the meeting place between the vast consciousness and human consciousness. The true meaning of the Hara Center is to orchestrate this meeting, to bring us into awareness, to center us at that point, and prepare us for manifestation in our daily lives from that place of power.


This point is the place where the Master in you is at home, the place where we see our qualities and uniqueness, the place of the highest consciousness, and the great place of human receptivity. It is the place from which we make our choices sustainably and open our perspective, the place from which we manifest anything that we cannot manifest from the intellect and with the five senses, the place of intentions, but also the place of our privacy. It is the place of the true inner Self.


Hara Center is the place of deep, ancestral secrets, it is our treasure. It is the innate relationship of humans to life. In the Hara Center we find the power that sustains us in every situation, it is the place where we connect with the cosmic forces and access the holistic vision of the Whole. Hara is the meeting place between Heaven and Earth in us.


What are the qualities we are remembering, how is the (re)awakening of the new level of consciousness occurring, and what roles do we have—what do we have to do, and, especially, how? For this, I invite you to read the second part of the article, in next week’s issue of the Newsletter.


May this transmission nurture the hearth of your soul! May your inner Sun shine brighter! Have a revealing (self)contemplation.