I bless my parents every day for bringing me into this beautiful planet at a time of (r)evolutionary change for humanity. You might be wondering why I feel this way when all is so unstable. Well, this exact chance delights the natural-born ecstatic in me. I am an ordinary person drawn by the extraordinary.

Growing up, while disciplined, I was not unconditionally compliant. I rebelled by challenging what was not allowed, which was not a small deal in communist Romania. While this could have been risky, my kindness touched the authority figures around me and somehow, instead of punishment, my rebellion brought me gifts, good grades, and medals. Now I see why things went that way. I dared act differently from a loving heart, a playful mind and enormous passion and commitment. It was my way of bringing freedom of expression to the world. Ever since, excellency became my aspiration.

Between the pivotal years of 22 and 55, my inner ecstatic also gave me courage. I started a family with my first love right after university, far away from my parents, childhood friends, and birthplace. Despite my limited romantic experience, I jumped on the love-boat without questioning this and that overmuch. This offered me so many exquisite moments, from the birth of our three precious children to the ups and downs, twists and turns of our life together. For 33 years I have experienced what to me was an outstanding school of love with my husband, where we inspired and supported each other to mature, grow and find our passions.

While I was leading an otherwise ordinary life, I found the extraordinary when falling very sick at 25. Medical treatments didn’t help me and, after an arduous search for cure, I recovered thanks to alternative medicine. Soon after that, I went to Romania’s first post-communist spiritual school to learn about chakras, subtle bodies, and energy-based healing techniques. One day, I asked God: “How can I turn my hobby into my main service for other people?” A few years later, when facing a painful crossroads in my career after 15 years as an international Human Resources executive, the Gene Keys came into my life in perfect timing and with a magical touch. It was at a Venus retreat with Richard in Romania in 2015.


What is your favourite aspect of the Gene Keys?

I felt very called by this transmission at a time when not many people knew about the Gene Keys. I started out by doing profile readings in Romanian, English and Spanish. I then moved on to contemplation study groups and programs, as well as energetic balancing sessions for an ever-growing number of clients who wanted to change their lives with the Gene Keys. I also focused on building communities, both in-person and online, as I love bringing people together in an energy of trust, familiarity, and collaboration.

During the Ambassador Program in 2018, I felt called to open the holistic HarRa Center as a container for Gene Keys students who needed to manifest their gifts in a creative and unique way. Har means siddhi in Romanian, and Ra is the Sun god, so HarRa is an invitation to connect your inner Hara center, which is in the solar plexus, to the Divine Self, which is the source of your inner light.

This is what I like the most about the Gene Keys: it invites us to find and express our quintessence, which is the core of the pure I Am, where the spark resides.


What effect have they had on your life?

Bringing synarchy into action, the holistic HarRa Center is now also native language hub for Gene Keys in Romania, thanks to a team of 16 passionate volunteer translators. The Gene Keys transmission taught me the delight of organic growth. During the pandemic, I kept offering individual and group services as an ambassador and guide, grew my global service as a co-host in retreats and Clubhouse, and opened new online spaces for my activities, such as webinars and programs such as Maternity as a path of awakening or Conscious entrepreneurship.    


What advice would you give to others contemplating the Gene Keys?

My life’s exciting journey motivates me to bring the sweet, timeless touch of change towards freedom to the people of today and tomorrow. May you all dare to be the person you were meant to be! Listen, and follow your emanation! And enjoy being part of the Gene Keys family, which is a blessing.


Deep love to all of you.