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“If you arrived in front of this text, you probably feel that it’s time for you to find out how you can live your life by truly manifesting your potential, the gifts and the siddhis that you are endowed with. It does not mean that you haven’t done it before, it just means that you can now find out how you can be even more present in your life, more fulfilled within and more aware of your life’s direction, of the highest purpose which you came in this life to manifest. All of this is already imprinted in the codes hidden deep within your DNA. What will they reveal to you? ”

~ Claudia Anghel, Cheile Genelor Ambassador, Program Facilitator. Find out more about me here:


The program is designed for those who want to start working with the Gene Keys and it focuses on the Activation Sequence, the first of the 3 sequences that make up the Golden Path. This is the sequence that opens the inner pilgrimage towards Self. The program addresses the 4 spheres – the sphere of Life’s Work (your relationship with external work), Evolution (your relationship with inner work), Radiance (your relationship with the physical body and health) and your Life’s Purpose (your true calling), and also the pathways that connect the spheres together and determine them to cocreate within your DNA – the Pathway of Challenge, the Pathway of Revelation and the Pathway of Central Stability.


Together we will learn what each sphere means (the theme of the sphere, the key energy, and the archetype of the line), how the spheres communicate with each other, and how you can find the genius hidden in the four Primordial Gifts. We will share stages of each other’s alchemical processes, we will meditate, we’ll do balancing practices, and also personalised readings directly on your profiles.


The Working Group format makes it easy for you to:

  • Gently enter on the Golden Path of the Gene Keys, exploring it step by step with patience, courage and sincerity 
  • Find out relevant and clear information so you can continue your journey on this path with even more confidence and openness 
  • Understand what the art of contemplation is and how to work with it on the Golden Path 
  • Understand where the place of the Activation Sequence is and also gain a holistic perspective, by having access to the reading of the entire hologenetic profile 
  • Explore the power of storytelling and questions in our lives by working with the Wisdom Keepers, by Rosy Aronson, an oracle set inspired by Gene Keys and Human Design 
  • Understand how planetary transits work and how we can benefit from the energy of the moment for the choices we make and for raising awareness in our daily lives 
  • A broad understanding of how this transformational system of personal and collective evolution works in our daily lives. Together we will begin to release the creative energy that is trapped in the depths of your being. 
  • Unlimited access to resources: presentation, recording of meetings, articles and audio-video contemplations, which will remain available to you even after the course ends.


“You are about to embark on a wonderful journey toward the Purpose of your life. We all want to know why we came here. This question has been around for a long time. But, as you will discover, the Purpose of life is not so much about what you have come to do, but about how you will do it. What you do is of secondary importance. Our main goal is to live well, to live with passion, to learn from mistakes and to grow continuously, beyond the parameters that our minds or those of others have set. ” ~ Richard Rudd – Stepping on the Golden Path, Part I, Activation Sequence 


“The advantage is that you do not have much to change in the external plan of your life. You adapt the teachings to your daily rhythms, not the other way around. As the contemplation deepens, over time, the living wisdom within you begins to awaken to another level, bringing with it unexpected changes and new perspectives. In short, we call this process Self-Enlightenment.”

~ Richard Rudd – Stepping on the Golden Path, Part I, Activation Sequence



From the experience of previous participants:

“The gift I gave myself by coming to the Activation Sequence course facilitated by Claudia brought great joy to my soul. I am grateful that I was part of a wonderful group together with whom I experienced truly magical moments. The manner of the course, the space and the knowledge offered with so much joy and gentleness have contributed enormously to my inner transformation, my perception and the way I manifest in the world.

It was like a beam of light, like a laser that “illuminated” my wounds and shadows that I rejected or denied or that I was simply ashamed or afraid of. It helped me understand that all I have to do in order to heal is accept them so that I can shine in the world through my gifts, so that I can feel healthy and comfortable in my body, and not dissipate the vital creative energy that’s so needed today in the world, to be manifested by each of us.”

~ M. C. – Participant September – November 2020




8 bi-monthly group meetings, 3 hours each

1 individual reading session of the hologenetic profile of 1.5 hours 

8 Q&A sessions, of 1 hour each, in the alternative weeks 

Duration of the program: 4 months. The program takes place online.


Investment: 1 800 RON

* For family / couple participation a 25% discount is granted for the 2nd participant (in full payment)

** A 10% discount is granted for the purchase of the books Gene Keys and The Activation Sequence, by Richard Rudd, and also for the set of oracle cards Wisdom Keepers, by Rosy Aronson. This discount is applied only during the program.




  • Full payment, with registration until the 20th of February – 10% discount →  
  • Full payment, with registration after the 20th of February – 
  • Payment in 2 instalments X 1000 RON →